The American Visionary Art Museum

The American Visionary Art Museum


The most FREAKING AMAZING place on earth...

When I walked in the doors of AVAM for the first time, I knew, on some deep level that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Now, going on 13 years later, I love it!!!! It’s home.

  In any given day, you get to meet wonderful people who are experiencing AVAM for their very first time - or their 10th.  You see the awe in their face from being delightfully blown away. You get to see first hand how their world view has just been changed. It’s a great and wonderful thing in life.  You also never know who is going to be standing right next to you and who you’re going to meet - it could be a rock legend, a big movie star, some diplomat or any one of the rest of us. I’m kind of not so great with paying attention to the big names or hollywood or who’s who and what’s what out there. Which serves to make it interesting at times - I’ll just strike up conversation with perfect strangers only later to find out that they were some big name. I did get star struck several years ago, Jeff Corwin was standing in front of me, and oh my, I started shaking and I couldn’t talk - Ted just looked at me in that ‘what the heck is wrong with you’ look which just made the situation funny... guess you had to be there - it’s not so funny here in writing:))

    Ted and Rebecca have had some of the biggest impacts on me, my life, and all that is SOGH. AVAM is the spectacular vision brought into being of Rebecca. Ted, aka Uncle Fun, created and owns the fun filled instillation on the first floor known as Sideshow, the museum’s store.

  The very first time I introduced SOGH to Rebecca - the prince of Nigeria was sitting at the table next to her. He ordered a Coke, then I took a picture of she and I at that moment. (above - date 10.26.03) Before that moment and over the years our bond has done nothing but grow. As for SOGH, she has always been completely supportive, offering guidance and insight, giving words and understanding to the deep seeded drive and motivation I have erupting within me as I bring my spectacular vision into being.


When I grow up I want to be just like Ted!! Now a days I work at Sideshow, and I have to say it’s a blast and I love it!! The people are always great. The fun is everywhere to be had. There is about 5 million kazillion things to rummage thru and discover in the place. and I have to say the deals are steals every single day! and people laugh - a stark and wonderful contrast to the restaurant world I was in - I fell for it and I was lucky enough to start working there! Ted is pretty damn cool in my book! He’s an amazing human being! When he laughs the world really does laugh with him. Because it’s magic, he can make little kids eyes light up in pure amazement and I love to watch that all the time. His humor can almost cause people to pee themselves in laughter.  He is also one of the few I turn directly to when I need advice on how to handle a situation. I have learned a great deal from him, he opened his world and welcomed me in! AND above all that, he’s the one who offered me my first space of wall and for that I am and will forever be unbelievably grateful! I was and am creating SOGH no matter what but the impact of that opportunity ignited the rocket boosters that launched my painting career.





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