AMAYORICA (a·mer·i·ca)

— n  1. An amazing project linking all the cities in America together, represented by the pride of each city’s mayor with the common thread of a SOGH painting and a quick picture to create the first and largest National piece of art of its kind! A new mosaic of America with the mayors helping to create a spectacular defining piece. It’s title - AMAYORICA! I’m asking for your help to represent your city so no one is left out, with simply a quick picture.


I’m Shawn Theron from the American Visionary Art Museum and I’m the painter of the small paintings on recycled wood you received as gifts from all of us here in Baltimore. Welcome! We’re glad to see ya! As an artist, I have been beyond blessed out there in life with my work. I am living the wildest dreams and it’s amazing! My paintings go all over the planet, they are collected by many, and i find myself in a unique position in life - the very real chance to influence and leave a mark in our time. SOGH is my life’s work that is geared to literally making the world a better and more beautiful place for us all because i firmly believe if we all work together we can actually create something great, inspire life, and influence the world now and for times to come - I’m asking you to help create a new American piece of art. 

AMAYORICA - The project is great. What this piece will do in the public eye do is huge, and the effort for you is super easy. Just a quick picture.  I’m asking you to take the painting you received home with you. Stand in front of your City Hall with painting in hand. SMILE BIG, maybe show some city pride, and have someone take a picture of that. THEN, simply send that picture.  (contact info below) Using the map of the country and the images received, we will create a giant mosaic of America of AMAYORICA.

Also, as many will experience this piece, please consider

sending perhaps a favorite quote or a source of hopes

and dreams for now and the future - whatever you’d like to say.

THANKS a ton for your time and effort! I hope to see your picture

soon! Have a great now! Shawn

please send images to, along with contact info for updates

with the project... or if you have questions.



Mail -  SOGH - Shawn Theron

            The American Visionary Art Museum

            800 Key Highway

            Baltimore,  MD 21230

            410.244.1900  -

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

with a SOGH painting launching AMAYORICA

Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Kentucky

Mayor Tom Chavez of Temple City, California

Mayor Ardell F.Brede of Rochester, Minnesota

DR. Marshall Kamena - Mayor of Livermore, California